• 5 Spoke front and disc rear  one set of track wheels  free shipping
  • 5 Spoke front and disc rear  one set of track wheels  free shipping

5 Spoke front and disc rear one set of track wheels free shipping

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$1400.00$900.00 / set
Carbon Weave
  • 18K
  • 3K TWILL
Decal & Color
  • No
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
Wheel type
  • Tubular
  • Clincher
  • R13 road
  • T01 track
Painting Finish
  • Matte
  • Glossy
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Item specifics

Item No.:
Wheel Size:
Weight :
1250g / clincher/ front,----------------------,1350g / clincher / rear,-----------------------,1180g / Tubular/ front,-----------------------,1250g / tubular / rear
Brake System Road:
Toray T700
2 Years

PoweRelease™  Track bike disc wheel FEATURES

We are honored again to be able to offer all of  PoweRelease 's incredible wheels in 2018. Every set is new, includes a full factory warranty, all accessories, the  1 year Guarantee, and free shipping. And right now.

The newest  Disc is the fastest wheel we make – period.  With a bulged lenticular design and super wide brake track, nothing else in the world reduces drag and creates lift quite like it.  In addition, the bonded carbon skin construction makes this wheel ride like a standard spoked wheel – no jarring ride that other discs are known for. 

This wheel is available in either a standard build with 18 front spokes and 24 rear spokes, or a Stallion build with 20 front spokes and 28 rear spokes.  The Stallion build is stiffer, and ideal for strong riders or those around 200 lbs and above. 

Factory maker :

DT1 is product mixed T800 carbon fiber and high density 's PMI core.If consideration from marketplace and Technology. Our disc carbon disc wheel,has advantage as below 3 points. 1st,affordable price. 2nd, because of new material used in wheel, the durability has large improved,so our warranty time extends to 2 years. 3rd. the weight has been made down for 1180g of one tubular wheel. The physical power's design for every layer of carbon  ,the wheel can support you to pass round the corner as fast as possbile.